I’m an LGBT rights activist and ally specializing in documentary, portrait and event photography.

Before becoming a photographer, I earned a master’s degree in criminal justice followed by a ten-year stint as a federal probation officer.  Empowered by an overwhelming sense that I should be helping to change the rules instead of enforce them, Amy Mayes Photography was born.

Equality for every person is an innate human and civil right, regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity.  Freedom of self-expression and courage in the face of adversity are the values driving my vision.

I’m advocating for social justice and telling the stories of LGBT people by creating images that increase visibility, celebrate love, challenge stereotypes and document the modern LGBT rights movement.

My grandmother inspired me to become an artist and an activist.  She was a painter and sculptor who showed me that love and diversity have no boundaries.

Current Work – Love Stories is a photography series featuring lifestyle portraits of LGBT families taken at home.  For further information or to participate, contact love@amymayesphotography.com.

Based in New York City, I also co-own a media company with my husband.

Proud member of –

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